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Learn about Boston terriers, and why they are the dog for you.

One word should come to mind when you think Boston terrier, and that word should be pet. This animal is loving and intelligent, hygienic, and small. It has all of the great qualities of a housedog that can be a loving part of a family, or a great friend dog for someone living alone in an apartment. The American Kennel club rates the Boston terrier at a ten out of ten when it comes to intelligence, so these pets are also usually easily trained when proper care is taken to do so.

If you are wondering where the name Boston terrier, comes from the breed originated, and it great part still comes out of Boston Massachusetts. The American kennel club has recognized the Boston terrier breed over a century, and claims that the Boston terrier is sometimes known as "the American gentlemen among dogs". These fabulous little creatures have a life span of ten to thirteen years, and a generally regarded as house dogs, and should not be kept outside. Boston terriers love attention, and if they are not getting it they will let you know. If you already own a Boston terrier and are trying to house train the dog you will be very glad to know that these are very intelligent dogs. As with most dogs however, training is an inexact science that requires a good deal of knowledge. Check out the great products to your right for help with that. For more information on the Boston terrier, and Boston terrier related subjects, check out the links to your right.

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Boston Terrier
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Boston Terrier
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Boston Terrier
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Boston Terrier
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Boston Terrier
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